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Applying a refined fragrance puts the finishing touch on any outfit.  Every time you catch a whiff, you'll feel that "inkling" that YOU are the one that's all put together - and you are more than enough.

Inkling Scents is a family run business, with Tiffany at the helm. Our workshop sits on a small farm and we utilize organic ingredients from our on-site garden.

For info regarding our cosmetic scented oils, continue reading on this page. If you're interested in learning more about therapeutic oils, click this link:



Don't just take our word for it!
Here's what some of our customers have to say about our products

"I just wanted to say thanks - I recently purchased a "Sultry" roll-on. You have introduced me to my new favorite scent (and I'm a fragrance addict!) It smells amazing and I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it in the mail (unbelievably fast shipping too!) Anyway, you have a customer for life."

"I LOVE this perfume.  Super high quality.  It is rich and fragrant and lasts all day.  I am going to buy more.  The Unify is amazing - it reminds me of Eternity.  Love this company!"
"Smoke is a great fragrance, love the flask - unique and masculine. Classy packaging, received very quickly. Thank you for the lovely scent and the great customer service."
" I sent Ravenous to a friend after she smelled the sample I purchased from Inkling and she fell in love with it. This got to her safe and super fast! She adores the beautiful flask and thought the packaging was amazing! I plan to do plenty of business with this store in the future and highly recommend their great products!"
"I bought this as a gift for my Mom's birthday. She is super picky when it comes to perfumes and has been looking for a new scent for years. I suffer from migraines and synthetic fragrances are a HUGE trigger so I ordered this sample pack for my mom so she could find a scent she loves and a scent that wouldn't make me sick. She is still trying them all out but has loved many of them. I also smelled a few of them and am thinking of ordering a perfume for myself - it didn't give me a migraine, which was amazing. Also, Tiff was so prompt in responding to me and also sent me a follow-up message to see if my mom liked her birthday gift. Now that is good service!! Highly recommend."
"I loved all of the samples so much! This has been one of the best buying experience I've had online, by far. The oils are superb and lasted all day on me, they smell so heavenly I can't choose which to get first! The packaging was just gorgeous, super fast shipping, and the communication was superb. Highly recommend this store and these amazing ladies!" 
"wonderful scent, excellent customer service! these people are the real deal :-)"
"Tiff was wonderful at directing me when I had a question and the package was received the same week I placed the order. The packaging was frankly, badass and amazing, beautifully completed. I am wearing Embody right now and again, I am impressed. Looking forward to buying a full size once I have tried the others! Thanks for the wonderful perfumes!"
"I absolutely love these perfumes! They smell so good and stay strong all day. I especially love the Unify scent. I will be ordering more when I run out!"

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"Wearing Inkling Scents fragrance Unify - always"


Christen Dominique Top beauty influencer Insta 1.5M / YouTube 4.2 M


"My new fav for summer
is Hint of Lavender. But
my all time fav is Kissed
by Citrus."

Gloria Fallon
Comedienne / writer
Twitter 40 k


"I am very particular about scents and I am obsessed with Unify"

Daniella Monet
Actress/Kinder Box founder Insta 4.1 M


"The detail in the rose suspension is everything - love it!"


Bailey Sarian Ipsy co-founder Insta 2.2M / YouTube 1.5 M


"I've been looking for a new scent and I found Sultry. I love it! Thank you!"

Dani Thorne
Actress/Musician Insta 619 k / Twitter 146 K


"My new favorite perfume? Sultry by Inkling Scents! Smells
delicious ladies and lasts for hours!"

Aubrey O'Day
Pop singer / Fashion model Insta 905 k / Twitter 621 K


"I am in love with Sultry! Would love to get some more."


Lindsay Arnold Dancing with the Stars Insta 800k /Twtitter 126 K


"I have a Unify Inkwell and quill set on my vanity. I love how feminine it is!"

Marie Osmond
Singer / Performer
FB 700 K / Insta 273 K


"Inkling Scents is awesome! I'm enjoying smelling like a garden all of the time!"

Evanna Lynch
Actress/Kinder Box founder Insta 2.7 M

Have a question? Check our FAQ's below.
If your question isn't answered, use our contact tab.


What are Inkling Scents made of?

Our oil scents are made of 100% essential and fragrance oils. So no fillers are used; the oils themselves are not cut with water, alcohol or any petroleum based ingredient.

What kind of fragrance oils are used?

Wherever possible, we use natural fragrance isolates. These are plant extracts that contain no petrochemicals. They are made by extracting single molecules in much the same way that essential oils are made, using manual distillation. There are fragrance oils used that are synthetic for notes that are not found in nature, such as crème brulee or champagne.  Another fragrance oil used is for musk scents, rather than using animal musk as we have a firm cruelty free policy. These fragrance oils allow us to create blends that mimic a classic, department store scent, but the oils are meticulously curated and still are free from phthalates, sulfates and alcohol.

Are the oils safe for my body, a young adult, or during pregnancy?

Absolutely yes! In fact, they are far safer than what you would buy at a department store. Our scents follow IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards and are the safest on the market, compared to most alcohol-based fragrances. Plus our blends include organic essential oils which are beneficial for your health.

Are the oils hypoallergenic?

Yes, for most people they are. In fact, for the ten years that we’ve been in business, and after sending out over 100,000 bottles all over the world, we have only had two reports of sensitivity reactions. We have had hundreds of customers write in reporting that all other types of fragrances trigger them, but ours don’t. However, we recommend that you start with a sample pack to confirm that the oils will agree with your skin type.

Can I have a list of ingredients for my favorite scent?

The ingredients are already listed in each scent description. The only additions would be jojoba oil as a carrier, and natural grain alcohol if you order the spray versions of the scents. The alcohol is required so the oils don’t clog the spray mechanism and only comprise 25% of the blend. Most department store fragrances are 93% alcohol!

How do Inkling Scents compare to department store fragrances as far as longevity?

Honestly, it totally depends on your personal chemistry. Most of our customers report that the oils last much longer on their skin, as the oil absorbs in rather than evaporating like most alcohol based fragrances. Some even smell the scents the day after the oils have been applied! But some people burn hotter than others and require reapplication.


You will notice less sillage with our oils. Sillage refers to the trail left behind when you walk past someone while wearing perfume, or projection is the distance your perfume radiates out to. Our oils are more intimate and are enjoyed by the wearer and those in your immediate presence. They will not project out or overwhelm passersby or others in your workplace.

Are the bottles machine filled and processed?

No. Every scent is hand filled in our workshop, located in Bluffdale, Utah USA. Our oil suppliers are also US based and have confirmed that their practices align with our cruelty free policy.

How quickly will I get my order?

Although we hand fill each order, we generally ship within 24-48 business hours. But occasionally it can take up to 5 business days. The orders are shipped through USPS and their times can vary, especially during busy seasons. Most US customers can expect their package to arrive within 7 business days.

Can I purchase a scent as a gift for a friend and have you ship it to them directly?

Absolutely! We love being part of gift giving! Please let us know that it’s a gift and if you’d like the handwritten note to say anything specific. We will happily personalize your gift and send it to your designated receiver.

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