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Are you or your loved ones dealing with issues that you wish you could treat naturally? Issues like anxiety, depression, poor sleep, sluggish metabolism, joint aches, frequent headaches, or even ADHD, autism or emotional trauma? There are alternatives to western medicine that can help and we want to introduce you to one.

The fact that you’re on this website indicates that you’re concerned about what goes on and in your body. Inkling Scents has been in business for 10 years and we have customers all over the globe that have a higher standard regarding their fragrance choices. But fragrance is only a small component of what affects our bodies and over the years, my studies have convinced me to raise the bar about every product that can impact my health.

In fact, I have become increasingly disillusioned about the modern medical system and its prescriptions and treatments. I’m sure that we can acknowledge the importance of having the medical system for crisis and emergent care. But I want a better way to handle everyday issues, ongoing wellness and chronic concerns. I’m tired of just treating symptoms – I want to get to the root and improve the real issue for lasting health.

Inkling Scents | essential oil perfume, natural perfumes without chemicals, alcohol free perfume, doTerra essential oils

Pure essential oils can help us get to the root of most concerns

I have a strong belief that the human family was not only given this earth for a beautiful place to live, but also as a means to live in health and happiness. The science supports this philosophy. Natural healing actually works and can be clinically proven.

In my studies of various oils for my fragrance business, it has become undeniably clear that there is a leader in the essential oil industry. Many competitors claim similar values, but scientific analysis inevitably reveals that they are primarily synthetic and loaded with fillers. Quality and purity absolutely matter when pursuing health goals.

The company whose quality I find unimpeachable is doTERRA. You may have heard of them, as had I, but it wasn’t until recently when I toured their facilities, saw their testing practices and researched their sourcing methods that I became completely converted. Their methods go above and beyond standard processes and after their batches clear internal testing, they undergo third party testing and validation. Theirs is the only company to manufacture and distribute CPTG (Certified Pure Tested Grade) essential oil products. Any competitor claiming similar quality is like saying their bowl of fruit loops is equal to a bowl of fruit!

Inkling Scents | essential oil perfume, natural perfumes without chemicals, alcohol free perfume, doTerra essential oils
Inkling Scents | essential oil perfume, natural perfumes without chemicals, alcohol free perfume, doTerra essential oils

I invite you to do your own reading and research of this stellar company.

This link is a good starting place

If you would like to attend a free Zoom class with me and an essential oil expert to learn some of the basics about how to use the oils to address your specific concerns, please fill out this form. Class size is limited since we want to address individual concerns and questions. We will offer multiple class times and accommodate as many participants as possible. Participation in a basic oil class will qualify you to schedule a one-on-one appointment wherein we can dive into your specific concerns and make recommendations.

If you would like to learn about purchasing wholesale and/or the opportunity to supplement your income, please fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

Thanks! Message sent.


There are several ways for you to start bringing the goodness of essential oils into your family’s lives. If you are confident about which specific oils you need and how to use them, you may use this link to shop and have them delivered to your door:

My dear customers and friends, in the 10 years I’ve been in business, I have never promoted another company’s products to you (although I’ve been approached by hundreds). I value your trust and opinion more than I can say, and I wouldn’t jeopardize it lightly. I am so convinced of the quality of these oils, I use them personally for myself and my family, and I’m excited to share them with you, my Inkling family.

-Tiffany Hardman, Inkling Scents owner and founder

Interesting facts about doTerra
  • doTERRA sources more than 263 essential oils and other ingredients from over 47 countries.

  • The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis recognizes doTERRA’s Lavender oil as the gold standard against which all other lavender oils are measured.

  • doTERRA sources their oils from countries where the plants are natively grown, giving the oils the highest quality. There are 360,903 people globally employed at these sourcing locations.

  • doTERRA is committed to lifting low income farmers worldwide by contracting with those that have 5 acres or less, rather than working with large corporate farms. 1,057,043 lives are supported by this small farm sourcing.

  • doTERRA utilizes over 54 tests to ensure purity and potency

  • doTERRA oils can be used topically, aromatically AND internally. Most EO companies say on their bottles “not to be taken internally” or even “flammable”. This is because they are using chemical fillers. doTERRA oils are literally taken 100% from plants and taking them internally is like eating your vegetables. Each bottle has a batch number printed on the bottom and you can go online and track its entire journey and the results of purity testing.

  • The name doTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning "gift of the earth."

Inkling Scents | earth notes, natural perfume, all natural perfume, best natural perfumes,  doTerra oils

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