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This one-of-a-kind, hand cut book safe includes a 2 oz stainless steel flask filled with an oil fragrance of your choice. We offer 21 different scents in our classic line, for men, women and unisex, all of which are 100% essential and perfume oils. There are no additives or alcohol in our scents, resulting in a healthier, longer-lasting fragrance. The buyer can select fragrances based on individual listing descriptions. There are also 8 finishes to select for the flask, including plain, or 7 different mesh lace colors that wrap around the flask.


The book is a hardbacked Readers Digest book and is beautiful inside and out. Whether closed up on a bookshelf, or open on a book stand exposing its surprising contents, this is an elegant addition to any home or office. It also makes a fabulous gift, inevitably producing joy after a startling discovery.

Hand cut book safe - includes 2 oz flask


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