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For the ultimate in fragrance enjoyment, the top of our line is the Inkwell and Quill set.  It holds 2 fl. oz (60 ml) of pure oil and includes the glass tipped feather quill applicator and clear, acrylic vanity tray. Any of our scents can be used in this set.  Drawing the silky smooth fragrance across the pulse points with the delicate glass applicator and an intoxicating fragrance wafting upwards is a sensual experience unlike any other.


Each order is created individually so if you would prefer to customize the accent colors, just let us know in the notes section in your shopping cart.  The Inkwell wire neck color choices are black/silver, red/silver, turquoise/silver, copper/silver, gold/silver or double silver.  The quill choices are ostrich in red, black or white, peacock in classic turquoise or dusty rose, or Lady Amherst pheasant.


Earth Notes scents include the suspended element in the Inkwell bottle.

Inkwell and Quill set

PriceFrom $115.00

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