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Primal taps into the deep sexuality that hums in all of us. Once we strip away the clothes, cars and cellphones, the trappings of modern life, we feel the visceral pull to the dark, earthy forest, and the need to connect one-on-one with a mate. This unisex scent reminds us of those origins and awakens our hunger. Primal opens with juicy orange and lemon but dives quickly into midnotes of cedar, rose and jasmine. Base notes of green musk and eucalyptus bring grounding energy and anchor the scent to last into the night. This is not a floral or sweet scent, but an herbaceous, earthy and rich fragrance that will make you groan with pleasure.



“I can see how this would be sexy for any gender. I love how deep and complex it is! I keep going back to it.” – Mindy D.


“I like how natural and foresty it smells. But intriguing too! I plan on wearing this for date night. She won’t be able to keep her hands off me!” – Steve H.

Primal - deep, musky, forest, cedar

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