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Like stepping off a train in the center of a thriving city, this scent spreads warmth, vitality and possibility through the veins of your system. Applied to your pulse points, the oil absorbs into the skin, flowing with your lifeblood, humming and vibrating at your personal frequency. Pulse opens with mandarin, nutmeg and blueberry, grabbing your attention. Midnotes of rose, pink peony and patchouli feminize the scent which is grounded finally with sexy musk, vanilla bourbon and sandalwood. The concoction thrums in deep rhythm with your own distinct energy, connecting you to the heartbeat of the breathing world.


*The mini roll-on bottle holds 1/6 fl. oz (5 ml) and has a brushed metal cap.  *The full size roll-on is 1/3 fl. oz (10 ml).  

The roll-ons are perfect if you are seeking portability and convenience.  



You may add red rose petals or one of four different glitter colors to this scent. These elements will not change the scent and they will settle in the bottle, but will easily stir up when shaken. The glitter will roll out with the oil so expect your skin to sparkle! The glitter is cosmetic grade and safe to apply on the skin.  These additions add $3 to the roll-on price.

Pulse - fruit, floral, unforgettable

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