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Up your hand sanitizer game!


If you’re tired of smelling like a walking distillery, try our new scented hand sanitizer, Refresh. Your choice of any Inkling Scent is mixed with hand sanitizer to create a lovely, fresh, cleansing experience unlike any other. After the initial alcohol fades, you are left with a beautiful scent and softened hands. The oil blend lingers and nourishes your skin, making this a satisfying, pampering moment, rather than the obligatory cleansing we’ve come to expect. Step up into luxury.


4 fluid ounces. Gel formula.

Active ingredients: Ethyl alcohol 70%, Essential oil blend.

Inactive ingredients: Aloe barbadensis leaf, carbomer, dimethicone, triisopropanolamine.

Ships only to the US.

Scented hand sanitizer - Refresh


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