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Tempted by Apple sweeps over you with warmth and joy. The first notes open with apple, pear and black currant. Just behind the fragrant fruit, the mid notes of pink peony, chamomile and Lily-of-the-Valley spread pleasing tendrils through your senses. The base notes of white peach and white wood anchor the scent to last all day. Suspended in the oil are apple blossoms which are high in antioxidants, aiding in giving you a clear, glowing complexion. This beautiful burst of summer scents instantly promotes tranquility and bliss.


“I love how Tempted by Apple warms on my skin throughout the day. The first impression is fresh and bright but it becomes really rich and lovely later.” – Sarah S.


“I got this to have something new and fun for summer and thought I’d rotate it with my other perfumes. But I end up choosing this one every day! It’s so yummy and summer-y! It just makes me happy!” – Emily L.

Tempted by Apple - fresh, fruity, uplifting

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